My First Love – Beer

Beer. That’s how this all began. I started my Beer Bitch blog in 2010, shortly after moving to New Orleans, which morphed into NOLA Beer Blog in 2013 when I began writing about beer professionally. Once I started freelancing, I branched out into food, booze, and travel – but it was beer that started my passion to tell stories.

I wrote a weekly column about the local beer scene for New Orleans’ local alt-weekly Gambit for 4 years as well as a semi-monthly column about Louisiana breweries for Southern Brew News, our regional “beer-iodical.” Those regular columns led to work in local magazines like Louisiana Kitchen & Culture, Shreveport Magazine, Offbeat Magazine, Houma Point of Vue, Inside Northside, and Rouses Magazine.

Then I was able to  get my work in national beer magazines – Beer Advocate, All About Beer,, Beer and Brewing, and Beer Connoisseur. I loved being able to look at the issues and trends affecting the brewing industry on a national basis, as well as bringing the crazy stories of beer and brewing in Louisiana to the attention of the rest of the world.

Even though I’ve branched out into food, cocktails, wine, culture, and travel – beer is where I entered this crazy world and you never forget your first love.

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