Cheese, Chocolate, Chimichurri: Give Me All The Fo...

Cheese, Chocolate, Chimichurri: Give Me All The Food

As a lady who likes to eat, I couldn’t be in a better place than New Orleans. The food culture here is amazing – lots of tradition, of course, lots of flavor, and recently, lots of innovation. But when I travel I also eat some delightful things – in recent trips, Denver surprised me with a few stellar meals, and I was in heaven in Nashville. I found incredible food in Washington DC. Seattle, Vancouver, Knoxville (well, at Blackberry Farm in semi-nearby Walland.) Food is an adventure and journey in and of itself, I’ve discovered.

Cooking and sharing food is an intimate act that’s been commodified, but what that really means is that we are lucky enough to enjoy meals made by people outside of our social galaxies. And sometimes eating that food forges relationships in the strangest of places.



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