Updated list of Louisiana breweries

Updated list of Louisiana breweries

This is a list that I kept on my previous blog. It’s still an important resource, so I’ve transferred the info over here. Please comment or drop me a note if you have any new info – my ear is not as close to the ground to all the openings and closings as it used to be, so I’m happy to have help.

This is the down and dirty, if you just need a verified list of brewery names in Louisiana, list.

Last Updated: 9/6/2020, to add Cypress Coast, remove Pidgin Brewing, and add updated info on All Relation

    1. Abita Abita Springs, opened in 1986
    2. Crescent City Brewhouse (brewpub) New Orleans, opened in 1991
    3. Gordon Biersch (brewpub) (chain) New Orleans, opened in 2004
    4. NOLA Brewing New Orleans, opened in 2009
    5. Bayou Teche Arnaudville, opened in March 2010
    6. Parish Brewing Broussard, opened in July 2010
    7. Tin Roof Baton Rouge, opened in November 2010
    8. Chafunkta Mandeville, opened in March 2013
    9. Old Rail Brewing Company (brewpub) Mandeville, opened July 2013
    10. Red River Shreveport, opened September 2013
    11. Great Raft Shreveport, opened October 2013
    12. Gnarly Barley Hammond, opened May 2014
    13. Courtyard Brewery New Orleans, opened October 2014
    14. Mudbug Thibodaux, opened December 2014
    15. Broken Wheel, Marksville (Central LA), opened January 2015
    16. Flying Heart Bossier, opened April 2015
    17. Second Line New Orleans, opened August 2015
    18. Ouachita Brewing Company, West Monroe, opened December 2015
    19. Urban South Brewing, New Orleans, opened March 2016
    20. Southern Craft Brewing Co., Baton Rouge, opened April 2016
    21. Crying Eagle Brewing Co., Lake Charles, opened May 2016
    22. Flying Tiger Brewery, Monroe, opened October 2016
    23. Spigots Brewpub, Houma, opened February 2017
    24. Brieux Carre, New Orleans, opened March 2017
    25. Low Road Brewing, Hammond, opened March 2017
    26. Parleaux Beer Lab, New Orleans, opened March 2017
    27. Royal Brewery, New Orleans, opened March 2017
    28. Port Orleans Brewing Co., New Orleans, opened March 2017
    29. Broad Street Cider & Ale, New Orleans, opened July 2017 (not technically a brewery, it’s a cidery, but I’ll allow it on the list.)
    30. Utility Brewing, Ruston, opened November 2017
    31. Twenty 8 West Brewing, Alexandria, opened February 2018
    32. Huckleberry Brewing Company, Alexandria, opened June 2018
    33. Miel Brewery and Taproom, New Orleans, opened October 2018
    34. Cane River BrewingNatchitoches, opened November 2018
    35. Zony Mash Beer Project, New Orleans, opened September 2019
    36. Gilla Brewing Company, Gonzales, opened October 2019
    37. All Relation Beer, New Orleans, opened November 2019 (has closed taproom due to Covid restrictions but may reopen)
    38. Dixie Beer, New Orleans, (re-)opened November 2019
    39. Rally Cap Brewing Co., Baton Rouge, opened in December 2019
    40. Cypress Coast Brewing, Baton Rouge, opened in September 2020

Closed breweries:

  1. CottonPort Brewing, Sterlington (NE LA) opened February 2016 (closed abruptly in May 2016.)
  2. 40 Arpent Arabi, opened March 2014 (closed in September 2017)
  3. Chappapeela Farms Brewery, Amite, opened December 2015 (sort of faded away not too long after opening, really)
  4. Cajun Brewing Lafayette, opened September 2015 (Closed August 2018)
  5. Wayward Owl Brewing, New Orleans, opened October 2016 (Closed taproom in November 2018, with some vague discussion of gypsy brewing. If that pans out, I’ll put it back on the list.)
  6. Covington Brewhouse Covington, opened in 2005 (as Heiner Brau) (Closed in December 2018, confirmed January 2019)
  7. Cajunboyz Brewery, Reserve, opened August 2018 (Closed in March 2019)
  8. Louisiana Purchase Brewing Company, Pontchatoula, opened April 2017 (Closed in September 2019)
  9. Pidgin Town Brewing at Ale on Oak, New Orleans, opened January 2019 (Closed in 2020)

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